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I am so obsessed with Zodiac sign accounts lately! Especially Aquarius!


I am so obsessed with Zodiac sign accounts lately! Especially Aquarius!

Does anyone know of any tips for cleaning baton ends? I just got two new ones and they're so clean and white but my old one is so black and disgusting, lol. I've used nail polish remover but it doesn't work that well and bleach only yellows the ends. Is there anything else I can try? :)


Honestly, I’ve only ever used bleach and it’s worked for me really well. Try dish soap, that seems to work for me as well. Anyone else have tips?

I use Mr. CLEAN MAGIC ERASERS!!! We use them before football games and if we forget in the band room, we can do it when we get off the bus with our water bottles!

Its storming outside

And when my headphones are on, the storm will be gone.

If you’re going to call me a B—-h, do it to my face and not behind my back.  I have my sources, but even if I didn’t, I know a faker when I see one.  :-)
Have a nice day!

If you’re going to listen to what people say about me….don’t, because it is usually twisted around or completely untrue.  Also, if you have a problem with something I did, tell me.  I’ll either apologize if I offended you or explain myself so you understand what I meant.  Don’t be the one idiot who doesn’t think before they talk.  I’ve been guilty of it myself, but I found the problem and fixed it.  That is all I ask of the people of the world. 
Goodnight and Sweet Dreams! 

Honestly, people, I don’t care what grade you made on whatever test and whether it was higher than mine or not.  I don’t want you to come up to me boasting about how you did better than Lindsay!  I don’t care if you did better and if you would stop gloating for two seconds and realize that I am genuinely happy for you doing so good, maybe you wouldn’t act like an ignorant, idiotic, teenager with a superiority complex.  I was happy for you to do good before, but the minute you started boasting and going on about how you did better than so and so, I lost all respect for your so called intelligence.

Ask my friends.  I love when they do good and it hurts me to think that some of you out there think that doing better than one  little person will make you succeed.  Karma sucks, so watch out.

News in Britain: stamps have gone up 14 pence
News in America: cannibal eats man's face